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Tom Rodgers Tree Services: accessibility features


This complete website is designed to be viewed in text only browsers and web readers, rather than requiring a separate text only site. You can preview the site in text mode if you are using a visual browser. To return to these options click the Accessibility link at the top of any page.

Access keys

The following keyboard shortcuts work within the main site. Please note that support for access keys varies between browsers. As a general rule, on a Mac use the Ctrl key instead of Alt.

Alt - 1 (press enter)
Main navigation
Alt - 2 (press enter)
Page content
Alt - 3 (press enter)
Accessibility options
Alt - A (press enter)

Font size

In Netscape and other Mozilla variant browsers go to View > Text Zoom. In Internet Explorer you can view the graphical site in a special large font mode.

By default our site has a fixed body text font size of 12 pixels. In other words, in Internet Explorer, going to View > Font Size will not have any effect. Whilst this is not ideal it lets us display our site in what we consider to be the optimum size for most of our visitors. Many people unknowingly change the font size in Internet Explorer and in fact view everything oversized. You can instead view the graphical site in a larger font size or text mode.

Web standards

This site is designed to use valid XHTML and CSS, and follows W3C AA class guidelines (sometimes referred to as Bobby AA).